Justine Suchanecki

Yoga teacher

2009: 200hrs Vinyasa & Hatha training with Gerard Arnaud en France & in India

2022: 100hrs Hatha Raja/Dharma Yoga with Jerome Burdi in Barcelona

To spread love and share my medicine to the world.

I’ve been a nurse since 2008, I don’t really remember why I wanted to do that, all I know is I always wanted to help people.

At the beginning of my nurse training, I wanted to go abroad and work in humanitarian aid. During my third year, I met the Operating Room and I was fascinated to discover the anatomy of the human body, the way it works, heals and how it can be fixed. I knew I wanted to work there.

In July2017, Yoga showed up in my life. The connection with that wonderful philosophy and my true self was instant. I was different at that time & I felt like I founded the old/true me: “the happy, spontaneous, creative and can do anything Justine”.

As a dancer, I loved the way I could express myself through movement, let my body talk, on the music, Yoga felt like that with something more deep & powerful.

I discovered Thai massage on the journey of my new way of life.

Nursing wasn’t enough any more (or sometimes too much) & I was delving deeper into my Yoga practice. So I planned a 200 hours teacher training, first for myself only but before the end of it, I felt I wanted to share and help others with the same tools that healed me.

I’m sharing the Yoga practice I love, deep, fun & challenging, through Vinyasa, Hatha Raja and Dharma inspired classes.

Dynamic Stretches, back bends, standing poses, arm balances and inversions are sequenced in an engaging and playful meditative dance, to free the prana, the energy along the spine and the entire body.

To complete this practice I also offer meditation, regenerative Yoga, pranayamas and singing.

Each class is a gift and an opportunity to improve, grow, evolve, shine, get better & happier, to cultivate & maintain your best vibration in order to become who you want to be & to achieve your goals.